Meet the Team

Powering the Driven Project

Kevin Gordon // Founder

After Kevin Gordon sold his 8-figure tech start-up (Convertus) to AutoTrader in early 2018 – he enjoyed a brief retirement before experiencing an undeniable desire to give back to our community. His philanthropic ventures lead him into founding the Driven Project; with the goal of creating once-in-a-lifetime ‘supercar therapy’ experiences for kids who are battling life-threatening illnesses. With the help of Kevin’s incredibly audacious vision – the city of Vancouver has come together to help gift hundreds of VIP children a presidential-style police escort across the city; closing down several streets + intersections to create an extra-safe and extra-memorable experience for the kiddos in these dream machines.

Kimberly Gillard // Operations Lead

Kimberly Gillard partnered up with the Driven Project in the Charity’s early stages by first volunteering her time to manage all of Driven Project’s social media assets, to then taking on a portion of the event planning. Fast forward, and Kimberly is now the Operations Lead for the Driven Project – she plans, organizes, and executes event days. She is our behind the scenes girl making the magic happen!

Elaine Verrier // Media And Rider Coordinator

Elaine partnered up with Kevin early on – he had just recently purchased his Lamborghini, and had been giving supercar experiences to individuals chosen at random in our community! Elaine heard what Kevin was up to, and together, they had the amazing vision of connecting deserving VIP children in our community with the Driven Project, to give them once-in-a-lifetime ‘supercar therapy’ experiences. She is our go-to girl for communicating with families and finding our incredible VIP riders. Elaine has also been an enormous help in connecting the Driven Project with local media sources. Thanks to Elaine, the Driven Project has been featured in various news outlets, such as GlobalTV, CTV News, CBC, etc – helping spread the word of what ‘supercar therapy’ is all about for these children who are battling heavy life challenges.

Your Story Agency // Videographers

Colin and Braeden partnered up with Kevin around the time the Driven Project was born. This talented duo volunteered their resources to follow Kevin along on his crazy journey. They have now settled into the official roles of being Driven Projects main videographers! The commitment these two have to the kids on our event days is next level – they have yet to miss a ride day! Colin & Braeden have a heart of gold and are dedicated to their philanthropic ventures with the Driven Project squad. Their unique ability to capture these precious moments with the kiddos is priceless. We can’t seem to thank them enough for their endless hours of filming and editing. These are some very special individuals who continue to produce phenomenally high-quality content, we are lucky to be partnered with Your Story Agency!

Izzat Al-Attar // Photographer

Izzat is a phenomenal photographer, he has a unique ability to capture our entire event days through-and-through. He’s the guy we can always count on to show up and photograph every aspect of our events; from the children and family members, the drivers and supercars, to every single smile per mile. Thanks to Izzat and his speedy turn around rate – we always have incredible photos to send out to all of the family members, dealerships, and Driven Project partners within 48 hours of each event. A picture is worth a thousand words, and with Izzat’s help, these are moments that now get to last a lifetime.