Supercar Therapy 

Learn more about how the Driven Project is making a difference.

What it's all about

This is all about inspiring others and giving back. It’s as simple as that.¬†We believe that supercars can be so much more than a fun toy, they can be a vehicle to connect people and help make dreams come true.


The Driven Project provides once-in-a-lifetime supercar experiences for kids who have spent much of their childhoods battling terrible/terminal illnesses.


To this day, hundreds of rides have been given to deserving VIP riders across Canada and the USA.

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picture of kevin and lambo
Image of Kevin Gordon

Kevin Gordon

Founder of Driven Project

Kevin is a serial-entrepreneur and supercar enthusiast. After building one of the largest automotive technology companies in the country, Kevin looked to find a way to inspire others to chase their dreams, and give back to the community at the same time. And thus, the Driven Project was born.


Based out of Vancouver, BC – the Driven Project has grown from one persons vision, to a movement that has reached hundreds of thousands of people. Having been featured on Global TV, The Province Newspaper, The Sun Newspaper, C-Fox radio and more, the community has really rallied behind this initiative.